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Medical Facilities 

Scott County Hospital 
Kansas Surgery and Recovery Center 

Location: Wichita, Kansas


Tonnage: 231 Tons


Contractor: Guerilla

The Via-Christi owned Kansas Surgery and Recovery center, covers roughly 66,000 square feet, and is licensed to hold up to 34 beds, has 12 operating rooms and two special procedure rooms. The hospital is divided into two parts. The “medical area” where patients are treated and surgeries are performed, and a “hospitality area” which operates similar to a hotel, where patients can recover from medical procedures.

Location: Scott City, Kansas 


Tonnage: 329 Tons 


Contractor: Nabholz Construction 

Built in 2012, Scott County Hospital is a 93,852 square foot medical facility, equipped with state of the art surgical facilities. A 25 bed facility, featuring private rooms and baths for its patients, Scott County Hospital provides a number of inpatient and out patient services, in addition to a 24-hour emergency department.

Kansas Medical Center 

Location: Andover, Kansas


Tonnage: 358 Tons 


Contractor: Key Construction  

An extension of KU’s top ranked medical program, the Andover Kansas Medical Center, is one of the top general medical and surgical hospitals in the state. In addition to having the cities only MRI facility, Kansas Medical Center holds 58 beds for patients.

Central Steel is committed to producing a product that meets contract and customer requirements.  

Central Steel has a long and rich history

in the steel industry stretching more than

60 years. In 1950 Robert Aaby moved to

Wichita Kansas, from Wisconsin, and

founded A&A Welding. During the late

60s Robert hired his two sons, Jim

and Richard, who evolved A&A Welding

to incorporate larger scale steel work, providing fabrications for locks and dams around the nation. In 1970 Jim and Richard officially changed the companies name from A&A Welding to

Central Steel Inc, to better reflect the wider range of steel work they were involved in. During the early 80’s a third generation of family had begun to integrate into the family business, and again pioneered growth and evolution within Central Steel. Diversifying Central Steels fabrications to include work in commercial buildings, these current officers of Central Steel grew what was once a small welding operation into a company responsible for many of the Schools, Hospitals, Power Plants, and other buildings around the mid west today.


With personal attention to every minor detail of our operations, Central Steel offers a top quality product to its clients. Beginning with our in house estimators, we provide accurate job bids at a competitive price. Our staff of AWS certified welders and experienced machine operators then ensure an accurate and timely fabrication process. Finally our final product is loaded onto company owned trucks, and delivered by our drivers in a timely manner. Routine quality assurance inspections, throughout every step of this process, ensure that our final product meets the highest of standards before delivered to our clients. Impeccable costumer satisfaction, along with a quality certification from the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) serves as a testament to this.  

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